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Entering the End portal may result in instant and inevitable fall directly in the void.



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    • 1.17.10
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      When I entered the End, intending to respawn and kill the ender dragon, I simply just fell directly in the void. No blocks in the spawn, no obsidian platform as usual, no chance of surviving. The worst part is that I still managed to pick up my elytra and tried to use rockets to fly away, but it just didn’t worked and I died. Goodbye full enchanted set of netherite and full enchanted bow, goodbye all my potions and shulker boxes with tons of stuff, goodbye 50 xp levels. I’m having a hard time because I’m with Covid-19, and the only thing that used to distract me was playing in my world. I really don’t have the will to grind again for all the items I lost, just for ending up dying again because of this glitch. It was so disappointing and I really don’t intend to return to Minecraft until I get my things back. If you can’t get my things back, at least fix the bug to avoid other people’s disappointments, please. I really don’t know what I’m gonna do in this quarantine weeks, fr. 


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              R Showza Rafael Andreta Carvalho Souza
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