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Terrain on Surface Generates in a 4 Block Group Pattern Creating a Odd Pattern for the Breaking Animation If A Player Breaks Grass in that Group Allowing the Player to Identify Chunks



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      Summary: When I was terraforming a area in my Minecraft Survival World I later noticed a strange pattern when I was breaking grass the breaking animation was determined a 4 block group or a 2x2 area of grass so the breaking animation was in different directions per each block broken in that group.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      Step 1: Create a Survival World.
      Step 2: Locate Grass.
      Step 3: Break 4 Grass Blocks.
      Step 4: Repeat Step 3 Until You Find The Pattern.
      Step 5: Repeat.

      Observed Result: Minecraft Bedrock doesn't generate the surface terrain in one layer which contains chunks instead you can see that its generates sub/mini chunks inside that chunk with 4 of these mini or sub chunks with the block in these regions containing blocks that have entirely different block breaking animations then the ones next to them in the group.

      Expected Result: Terrain Generation Needs to be More In Line with Java's so you dont get odd block breaking animations for breaking Grass or have sub chunks that contain odd breaking animations that are random.

      Note: With This Bug Players Can Identify Different Chunks Easily.




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