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      Hello, I have a problem with achievements. In Minecraft for Windows 10, I have 0% progress but in Android version I have 23%.
      The achievements should be synchronized, if the Microsoft account used is the same, the achievements must be the same.

      Why did I select (platform) the android version, because it is the cause of the problem.

      Previously, I had same percentaje of progress on both Minecraft versions.
      When? Since 2017 I have this problem.

      This problem describes as if it seems that I have 2 different accounts. But it's not like that; I occupy the same Microsoft account on both Minecraft Versions.

      Don´t tell me that it is a problem with the Xbox Live account or Microsoft Account because they already told me that it is your problem (Minecraft).
      Previously I asked in Microsoft forums and asked for help but they told me that reason. That it was Minecraft's problem.

      Is there any solution? Maybe, maybe...
      I think there is no solution, why? Because you never worry about those details.

      But, I would like you to understand this message and you find a solution.

      I uploaded 2 photos, pay attention on my playtime.

      The Android version has 58 hours while, otherwise the Windows version has 499 hours, clearly it can be seen that I don´t play the android version for a long time and that is because of the problem with the achievements.

      The photos uploaded are so that you can understand the problem.

      I await a response from you, it doesn´t matter if it takes 20 years. I hope to see your response reflected in the next Minecraft update. Thank you!
      Or if this is a forum, someone out there would appreciate your help.

            M4uriXD Mauricio Enrique Toledo Llanos
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