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Entities Don't Load In Custom Features


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      In 1.16.210, the spawning of entities in structures from custom features was disabled due to a crash that occurred on Windows 10.

      If the issue could be fixed rather than disabling the feature all together, that would be very helpful, as the work around requires command blocks and placing a redstone block next to it during generation, which increases the amount of feature files used, decreasing performance when generating new terrain.

      Perhaps working on making structures such as villages, bastions, mansions, etc. (anything in the structures folder in the game files) data driven could help make a solution, as these structures spawn entities via a .mcstructure file (with an attached jigsaw block).

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Download the supplied pack (this pack takes the crossbow_piglin structure from Bastion generation and places it through a world)
      2. Load a world with experimental features on
      3. Observe that there are several jigsaw blocks but no piglins with them
      4. Use the command ' structure load crossbow_piglin ~ ~ ~ ' and observe that a piglin spawns on top of the jigsaw block

      Expected Results:

      • Entities are able to be spawned in during terrain generation through the use of features

      Observed Results:

      • Entities spawning through features is disabled

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