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Lost all my stuff trying to go back to the end



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      I started this world when 1.17 part 1 came out I've been playing for a while and I've died a couple of times but I always got my stuff back but the way I lost all of my stuff was I was making a trip to the end again cause I was thinking about killing the dragon again and I did everything normal I jumped in the portal and instead of getting spawned into my normal spawn it spawned me in the void and mind u everything that I had that was good and everything I needed was in shulker boxes and Everything else is on me so I have been experiencing some glitches of getting stuck in blocks or phasing into them for some reason never really scared me but the fact that I died trying to go to the end not by enderman but simple just trying to go into the portal and for that I lost everything and now I really just lost the will to play so until I get that will back I'm probably not gonna play just losing all of that hurt in a different way cause I actually love my world it reminded me of one of my worlds from the original Minecraft ps4 btw thx for deleting all my save on the old version of Minecraft and I never got to say good bye to my dogs and I named one Maggie after a dog that was my friends that died and I actually loved that dog In Game and irl so my thing is I'm just annoyed and most sad that I died for just playing the game trying to have a fun lovely time in my way it was my lovely world plus I was thinking about making a new house finally btw since I have u I also couldn't find any dogs in that world like I found every other mob besides dogs just strange to me


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