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end island and obsidian platform not generating and you fall into the void



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      so I was going to the end to make an enderman farm, I had all the materials in my shulker boxes and when I went through the portal I stood on it for 3-5 seconds before the game registered I was going in the portal. everything was normal but when the end loaded nothing generated (no obsidian platform, no end island where the dragon spawns, just the void) i tried to fly out with my elytra but it wasn't letting it activate and i fell and lost everything i stood there is shock as my heart broke for like 30 seconds but i noticed something, it didn't generate at all, even after I died, and I know things still generate and mobs still move around if you stay on the "you died" screen, some things are maybe what could've caused it.

      1: i was using the plastic texture pack that i bought from the marketplace 

      2:that world has a lot of stuff (building, farms, and chest with items) and 

      3:it is connecting to LAN but no one has joined 


      i have no idea what causes this, this feels like random odds but this is the first time this has happened to me sense bedrock moved to PlayStation 4, I don't know if this happens only on PlayStation or other platforms 


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