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Custom Entity Explosion Value Limit for a Entity Is Only Ten Times TNT Explosion



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      Summary: If you try to make a Custom TNT in one block go above the limit 10x default tnt explosion size it wont work there's a way to get around this but it takes more time than it should to keep typing to get all the entities needed to reach tnt x100 java or to create tnt x20 tntx50 tntx1000 or a nuke like Java mods is theoretically impossible in one explosion.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      Step 1: Make a Addon.
      Step 2: Make a Single Entity to Explode as a TNT.
      Step 3: If Step 3 Isn't Working For You Then do Step 4.
      Step 4: Use the Code Below.
      Step 5: Put the Block in Blocks Folder in Behavior Pack.
      Step 6: Put the Entity in Entities Folder in Behavior Pack.
      Step 7: Run Current Entity and Block.
      Step 8: Set the Power to 40.
      Step 9: Set the Power to 50.
      Step 10: Repeat

      Observed Result: Its Impossible to make a Custom TNT as powerful as Java TNT Mods.

      Expected Result: The Limit should be in line with Java which is none because this is a Addon it doesn't need to have a limit for performance because its the player choice to install the addon if they already know its gonna render something 100x the size of default TNT explosion.




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