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Axolotl won’t swim up a block when being lead with food unless I’m at a certain angle



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      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Make an enclosure that is 3x2 wide and 5x2 tall (the video should give a clearer picture) or in general make an enclosure big enough for you and the axolotl to swim/ fit in, then make another enclosure exactly the same as that one 4 blocks apart (there will be a tunnel in between the enclosures that is 4x2 wide and 2x2 tall)


      2. Fill half of the enclosures with water and then fill all of the tunnel completely with water, there should be waterfalls on either side that can help you swim up to the tunnel, then add in your axolotl to one of the enclosures


      3. Get a tropical fish bucket and try to lure the axolotl from the enclosure that it’s in into the other one


      Observed Results:

      The axolotl struggles to swim up and into the tunnel in order to reach the player, you would have to break out of the tank and fly up to an angle where the axolotl will follow through the tunnel


      Expected Results:

      The axolotl should find ways to swim to the player instead of being blocked by obstacles it can swim over





      The bug started occurring in the main world I play in, so I made a flat world and recreated the enclosure A, enclosure B structure with a tunnel in between, the bug sometimes didn’t work when the tunnel was higher than the player so it has to be 2 blocks high because if the player can go high enough then the axolotl will follow but it should follow regardless of how high the tunnel is




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