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Nether Portal problem (serious).


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      I've had this happen 3 times in the last two months and twice in the last 4 days. When entering a Nether portal from the over.. I'm transported to the same coordinates (or very similar) in the Nether. If I attempt to go back through to the Over World I'm transported thousands and thousands of blocks from home (spawn). This is an older world that I've been playing in for over a year. 

      Luckily, I have elytra and tons of rockets. The first and second time I was around 40 thousand blocks from home so I flew home in the Nether. (very dangerous.. almost died 4 times but I had enough rockets to go the 5000 or so blocks home - not to mention fire resistance potions). Last night I was only 12000 blocks away from home and it took me over 50 rockets and over 30 minutes to fly home in the over (which was a heck of a lot safer). 

      I can't imagine how I would have gotten home if I hadn't had elytra and lots of rockets in all cases. If this were to happen to a character who was new to Minecraft, with no elytra and not a lot of resources there's no way they could make it home alive and if they did, it would probably take quite a few hours. This bug needs to be a top priority for bedrock edition. Thanks for any help you can give. (Attaching two screens.. one of where I landed in the nether and one to show how far away from Spawn (My home is at around 127.60.87) I was when I went back through to the over world)

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