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Overworld portal spat me out at a random location in underworld on the otherside of the map with no portal


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      I went through my overworld portal, was not eating, and was spat out at a random location in a different biome which was pretty much on the otherside of the map with no portal near me.

      ( usual spot was around  x -150 z-500 and I was around x-1567 z-4250)

      After spending nearly an hour trying to get back to my usual spot (had to build over lava and such) I finally died loosing some niceish stuff. I entered the overworld portal again and it was all back to normal. I have used this portal many many times in the past as its located in my home base, this is the only time that has happened and was only the fourth or fifth time I have used the portal since the latest update.

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