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Nether portal spawns player at overworld coordinates when entering Nether.



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      I'm running a Bedrock Dedicated Server version 1.17.0 on a separate PC running Windows 10.  When entering a previously established nether portal (i.e. overworld portal is already linked to a portal in the nether at the appropriate coordinates), the player will spawn in the nether at the coordinates of the overworld portal rather than the appropriately linked nether portal (i.e. 1:1 overworld-nether block ratio).  This glitch does not affect all players on the server, just me.  Minecraft Client on player's PC is version 1.17.0 running Windows 10.


      This glitch also occurs less frequently when moving from the Nether to the Overworld with the same issue, spawning in the overworld at nether coordinates (1:1 ratio).  Though it may just be due to the rare occasion when the glitch does not occur when entering the nether and subsequently exiting the nether at a different portal.


      Destroying and reigniting overworld portal does not fix the link.  Destroying nether side portal and reigniting spawns player in the overworld at the coordinates expected for the nether portal (i.e. 1:8 ratio)


      Glitch was previously fixed by uninstalling Minecraft Bedrock Edition from player's PC and reinstalling.  Fix lasted approximately 3 weeks.  I suspect the problem is with the player's Minecraft client, as other server players are unaffected.  (i.e. the same overworld portal spawns them at the correctly linked portal, while I get spawned at my overworld coordinates)




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