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Banners appear as normal while looking through a Nether Portal


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      If a banner is behind a Nether Portal and you look through the Nether Portal, the banner still shows as if the Nether Portal isn't there without a purple gloss from the portal or any distortion from the portal swirls.


      Here is a link to a video showing what I mean: https://mega.nz/file/4QgCgAKD#2Axy8UjHXvnJi-dS971ut6orc2ym4LXUQAZdQP4IOUw


      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Build a Nether Portal, preferably in the center of a room.
      2. Place banners throughout the room you built the Nether Portal in.
      3. Look through the Nether Portal at the Banners

      Observed Results:

      Banners appear normal and unaffected by any interference as if the Nether Portal is not present.

      Expected Results:

      Banners like all other mobs, blocks, etc. should appear distorted from the portal swirl when looking through a Nether Portal as well as have a purple tint applied to them from the Nether Portal itself.

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