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Portal taken to same coordinates or random



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      The Nether portals are not linking to the right portal and putting me in another area.


      now the issues is ,i am 4000 block away from my starting point in my main game and it stuck me in the over world at 3971 87 -320 and when i go back into the portal i go to the nether at 3989 , 59 , -324 ,which should not be.

      came out of the game and went back into the game are resetting my PC and still get this issue.

      jumping in and out the portal it then sent me to 32,000 in the over world , got back into the portal and got back to 3989 in the nether .

      i had to kill my self to get back to the start point of the game 471 80 -3

      when into my another portal at 487, 74 ,-41 and that sent me back to nether at 3989 , 59 , -324 and when i when back into the overworld it sent me back to  3971 87 -320.


       also , i un installed and re installed the game and moved the saved games back in .

      it work , but within 30minutes , it was back  to the same issue with the same coordinates

      any one else getting this ?






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