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Since a long time now the facing command in mcbe is broken. Completely



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      Before this starts I want to inform you that this has been reported with this desc but hasnt been viewed ONCE and it has been over a half year. The Bug has been reported MANY MANY times and still exists. Mods have marked it as fixed but if you go in to the game its not. It has even been once in the changelog as fixed now it just isnt. These are just examples of different reports reported as now fixed but arent. I have made an very detailed and easily understandable report on whats broken and what the exact issue is! So keep reading ;,)

      So the probleme is that when you type the face command it just doesnt face you correctly. Ive tested it in the newest beta version and had this bug since 1.12 or smth like that. And its a shame that it has not been fixed. Ive also tested this on java edition... There it works fine for all version. 1.12- and 1.13+ commands. So when you type for example /tp @s ~ ~ ~ facing @e[type=cow,c=1] it should obv face you to the cow. It teleports you to your position and also faces you to the nearest cow. For example if you are above this cow you will see that the command will face you anywhere but not where the cow is. To show what I mean specificaly I have done a little video which shows it even better. 


      Video 1 (Showing the Issue)

      Video 2 (How this breaks a lot of Creations)

      In video 1 I show how it doesnt face correctly and whats the issue and in video 2 I show how this breaks some Creations. You can see how the cow goes crazy when she goes down which isnt suppose to happen. It rotates infinetly often in just 1 second. Imagine someone wanted to do a roller coaster with this and then the whole technic breaks like that. Now thats not even that bad. But what is bad (I sadly didnt show) is for example Ive made a tool which lets you select blocks And its also kinda using that technic. Now when you select a block under you the tool selects a block that is 3 kilometers away.... Im mostly active on Bedrock because I want to show people that you can make things possible in Bedrock too! And seeing technics from day to day break to these simple bugs who arent in java makes me just wanna go to java... I also reported this before but the nice google chrome deleted the msg before I could send them due to a bug. (It crashed) But thats another thing. So if you see this it probably didnt happen again! I hope you can fix this asap and I hope you have a great day! 


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