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Game Crash! Nether Land when Dogs in Nether Gate



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      06/19/2021 23:30

      I tried to travel through nether land with a big gang of dogs to my main base. Things went well in the beginning. However, when we get the destination the main base nether gate game crashed. I get in the gate first and waiting for my dogs. When dogs approach the gate, BANG, the game turned off by itself. When I get in the game again there are no dogs left anymore, not the main world nor the nether land.

      I GOT SOOOOOOOOOOOO MAD, there were 10 dogs in the beginning. We went through castles lava ocean, creepy forests. The EOE didn't kill them, the mean skeletons didn't kill them, pigs warriors didn't kill them, the fire and lava didn't kill them. Four dogs sacrificed themselves to protect us. Finally, at the home gate, when we walking the gate the game crashed. All the BRAVE DOGs are GONE!!!!! The game crash kills all the dogs at the home gate. Thank GOD I am old enough to take this, little kids totally gonna cry by your dog-killing game. I wish my game character died with my brave dogs.


      RIP my dogs.


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