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Reopened world and it was corrupted and I list everything I have built.



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      Reopened world and it was corrupted and I list everything I have built.

      I have had a creative testing world for builds and redstone for a couple months, 20+ hours of work on multiple builds, I loaded this world up today to mess around with the update. I shut down the xbox with out closing out of the world before doing so. I have done this dozens of times on the same world in 1.16 updated without issue. This evening I started minecraft and went to get back to work on a build that I have been workshopping over the last several weeks and this is what happened: view attached video. All gone, everything but a portion of a cactus farm build and an 1/8 of an outline for a building. All my work is gone and I am very upset as the project was almost finished. I don't know if this is because of the update but I have experienced two bugs today and none over the last few weeks and months. Please figure this out, I am now afraid to open my long term survival worlds and kill the game entirely.


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