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Nether Portal and Nether Travel Glitch


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      I play on a world with my friends and this glitch has happened several times and is extremely annoying each and every single time it happens. When I enter my nether portal in the Overworld, once I am in the Nether I am at the same coordinates in the nether, putting me several hundreds of blocks away. I have gone to the nether numerous times to get blocks or farm XP, and end up having to walk 1000 blocks to get back to my actual portal. It’s gotten to the point I don’t go to the nether if I can avoid it because i don’t want to go on a whole three day journey to get home. 

      Say my nether portal in the overworld was at 800, X, -450 and I went into the nether. Normally, my base would be at 80, X, -50 in the Nether, however, this glitch that I have had to deal with numerous times puts me at 800, X, -450 in the nether, making me have to travel several hundred blocks back to my actual portal. 

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