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Nether portal glitched, and nether lighting is strange.



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      I got sick of all the crashes happening in the overworld witch for me are caused by any green in my screen so I had perversely created, and loaded in my nether entrance and I had spawned in a basalt deltas biome on this tiny sky island. not exactly ideal as I would have had to build over to the main land.

      I went threw the portal to escape the crashes of the over world, and had planed to return there eventually as most of my valuable's are still at my overworld surface (not cave) house, however when I got to the nether I spawned in a crimson forest bordering a warped forest witch then boarders a basalt delta's. Good place if you ask me, however... THERE IS NO NETHER PORTAL BACK TO THE OVERWORLD. So... I'm be stuck till I get the obsidian from piglens witch will take time to get gold, and luck to get the obsidian. I don't mind, but this issue gets more... interesting the location of the nether portal was very close to my house in the overworld witch I remember is located around -245, ?,  1012. Now how that is interesting is in the nether when I went threw to escape the over world crashes as there is no green in the nether so nothing to crash my game. Anyway the location I spawned in inside the nether is around, but not exactly -245, ?, 1012. Intresting... more like a coincidence?! No I don't think so! something with the *8 and /8 system between the two detentions got messed up and now... I'm stuck in the nether for a good amount of time, however being in the nether I have noticed some STRANGE lighting. flowing lava, shoomlight's, and glow stone though they all have slightly noticeable differences they don't have there normal textures in the nether rather look like pure white light's, however when you ender into a place with tight space between the floor, and ceiling of the nether these objects resume there normal texture's, but the lighting in general in the nether has a different feel to it. like I had shaders lights on for the nether (witch I do not). Even normal torches seem to be affected by new nether light's rule's. As well when there is no light the nether seems to get significantly more dark. not the smoothest transformation between the light, and darkness. I have experienced ZERO crashes or problem's inside the nether though. Only issue is I am probably never getting back to the overworld any time soon at least. No other bug's noticed in the nether outside of the one's listed. Biggest issue is fixing the nether spawn error. No I can not replicate said error as I am currently trapped in the nether with no reasonable way out.

       I used an old copy of my survival world. I copy it ever so often to see and plan out what I can do next. I used one of my old copy's to locate my correct nether portal where I should have spawned in, and I managed to learn it is located around -18, ?, -108. I set out on a long and dangerous mission to get there from my random spawn point house witch I had built that house around -70, ?, -950. after I arrived at the nether portal I set down a chest and put everything I had in it then I had went back and destroyed the entire house and took everything else I had and moved it all to the small sky island where my nether portal is. I rebuilt my house EXACTLY, but off the edge of the island as it is VERY small. Now I have it set up quite well, and have accses to all 5 nether biomes threw the HUGE tunnel I made. I will be VERY exited to move back to the overworld house where 98% of all my good's are as soon as the next beta update comes out in hopes that the MAJOR crashes I experience ALOT will be mostly fixed. Below I have attacked two file's. One is an image of what lava lakes look like in there "new" texture IDK if that is by mistake or by design, but it switches between the textures sometimes. I don't have the odd looking glow stone or shoomlight texture's witch are really just a pure white bright light with different looks in the edge's/ corner's of the block's shoomlights seem to have bold black line's well glow stone has a slight yellow mix in with its pure White. No image available yet.  images below so far are the "new" lava texture, and a strider with a saddle on it naturally. I did not have any saddle in the nether at all so far. Got mad that the strider had a saddle on it naturally. It may be rare, but apparently possible. Is this a feature or a glitch? 




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