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My cave's look nothing like Cave's!



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      I don't think regular stone is suppose to spawn below Y=0, and to add the new "deepslate" is nearly impossible for me to find. Just to add... those rare, but famous caves at the top bedrock layer... don't exist for me at all trust me I spent 10 hours looking in a world and could not find one... not even with commands clearing huge areas looking for them BIG cave's all my caves exist above y=-49 at there deepest point, when I am lucky. Ore distribution seems accurate, but my caves are like BIG compared to 1.16 caves, but FAR from REAL 1.17 cave's seen threw 1.17 survival hardcore Minecraft challenge seen on YouTube. just to make matters worse... when strip-mining (for fun) at Y=59 (top bedrock layer) I hit lava leaks at random. sometimes there just random pockets of lava with no exit or entrance from anywhere others they lead up to lava lakes in these big cave's, but instead of normal cave's (for me) that have water lakes (yet YouTube dose rarely have any water or lava lakes in there cave's) anyway these have lava lakes. why is there so many water, and a few lava lake caves I feel like big lakes in caves turns caving more into an ocean adventure, but instead of looking for chest, and structures your looking for ore's in these underground water (and sometimes lava) lake's.

      From my experience the only way to get to the surface from these deep caves is not from surface cave's, but rather either these HUGE "rip's" in the earth leading to the deep's (witch I have yet to see on my few surface adventure's... like one hour of looking for one) the only way to the surface is threw ocean ravines above these cave's witch you come across often when breaking ore's on the roof water will fall that either lead to another big cave, a small cave, or an ocean ravine. as well... I have yet to see any land mass in 1.17 bigger than a 3000 by 3000 block area. that shows how much water there is... about 90% of my world's are water. not a bad things, but that means a lot more villages on medium small island's in the ocean. As well seed's with villages at spawn, well my favorite bedrock seed.. The village is completely gone, and in its place well lets say the seed looks NOTHING like its old. Not bad thing just shocked at the difference. anyway it's looking good. my main issue is I want a BIG 100% deepslate ONLY cave one just below zero, and another deeper one farther away at top[ of bedrock layer. I love big cave's, but I want them to be mostly if not completely deepslate... NOT stone, and I want at lease one to be WAY DEEP! Please?! Thanks'!


      Device: Motorola Moto G7 Power.


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