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the diamond capes of the worlds without experimental functions are bugged



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      hello, in the beta version of minecraft pe, it is not necessary to have the experimental function of caves and cliffs to have access to some functions of the beta, if you have a normal world, and you try to find diamond, this is not found since you need to have the experimental functions, since it is updated so that it is in the negative layer, and without experimental functions, the negative layers do not exist, I wish you could fix it and that the original layer of diamonds can be put in a world without the caves function and cliffs, I discovered this error thanks to the fact that in a survival world I could not find diamonds (without experimental functions activated), and in another world with the experimental functions caves and cliffs with the help of X-ray I discovered it, and I realized that the diamond I was in negative layers (-7 to be exact) and when reviewing a copy of my world in creative and with the experimental functions activ, with the x-ray, I realized that when active the functions, the other negative layers are replaced whit layers of pure bedrock, in addition to the fact that the new caves are caves that are flooded with water, the main problem is the one that matters to me, since this way I will not have to enter the new caves flooded with water, thank you very much for your time, I hope fix it soon, I want you all XD


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