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      Hello to you who are seeing this report.
      I always liked to play minecraft, incredible worlds full of farms, automatic machines, worlds in the creative, etc. I play on PS4 in the Bedrock version, even though I want to play Java on the computer.
      So as I always went to play minecraft in my newly created world, I was very happy playing in it as there were some factors that hurt me and made me feel very frustrated, making me discouraged from continuing to progress in the world.

      Bug in the Portals

      Recently a bug has been happening in the game portals that has been harming me a lot.
      Let me explain, 1 out of every 5 times that I enter a nether portal I leave in very distant coordinates, making me have to walk a lot until I reach my spawn of the nether, this has happened to me 5 times, 2 when entering and 3 when leaving, when leaving it is even worse, I got to stop some 3 thousand blocks away from home because of this bug, I tried to fix it by moving the portal ... but still it continued.
      And if you think it's only with the nether portal, then comes the worst bug of the times.
      I was going to the super equipped end to explore the End Gate, and when I entered the portal instead of appearing on top of the obisidian platform, I appeared in the middle of the void I had no elytra it was certain death there, there was nothing I could do, I died with extremely important items, I almost gave up completely playing minecraft.

      I strongly urge you to fix this so as not to disturb the player's experience as well as mine.

      I'm sorry for the big text

      Thanks for the comprehension.

            JumpingDog PEDRO FELIPE MODUS FRANCA
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