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I get teleportet away when I go truh a Portal doesn't Metter if it is a nether portal or a end portal


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      I got 2 times teleportet away from my main nether portal but not 20 blocks it was 200 or 300 blocks away and there was no other portal in the near at all, also I linked my portals exakly with the koordinats in the overworld and the nether. And then I thoud nothing and go into the end Portal and got teleportet too but not on hard ground no no no in the void I couldn't not reakt I had ful netherite and a alytra I was trying to fly away but I was under the build area and couldn't open my alytra and lost anythink I had with me. pls fix that bug because it's really frustrating to lose everything and I don't want that other people must fell that feelings that I have right now.

            aGhostShadovv Miro Dereviago
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