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Nether portals taking me to random places


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      I made a nether portal. (on creative, cheats and keep inventory on) I stepped in. In the nether, the portal wasn't there. I made a new one right where it should have been, stepped in, and it teleported me back to Overworld, but hundreds, or thousands of blocks away from where the first portal was. Has happened to me in at least two worlds, not in one though. (they're all created in the same version.)

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. make a nether portal
      2. step in and make a new portal right where it should have been (when you're already in the nether)
      3. step in the new portal

      Observed Results:
      Looks like the Overworld and Nether coordinates are messed up.
      Expected Results:
      The new portal should have teleported me to the old portal, or near it.

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