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Tick change stopped sugarcane from growing and nether portals are broken


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      Seed: Coastal Village (-1813740965); Survival Mode; Normal Difficulty; Infinite Size; world created in Beta v1.16.0.55.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Find sugarcane
      2. Harvest the top portion of the sugarcane
      3. Wait for it to grow
      Observed Results: Sugarcane does not grow, see attached screenshot
      Expected Results: Sugarcane would grow 


       From the  Beta Information and Changelogs  for Beta

      • Fixed an issue with certain blocks which could cause them to grow too quickly when ticked  

      Sugarcane stopped growing.  Nether portals stopped turning off and on, see attached video file.  This is the same issue described by back in 1.16 Beta.


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