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Maps placed in Item Frames turn into large Item Frames after changing gamemode


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    • 0.14.0 Beta 2
    • 0.14.0 Beta 1, 0.14.2
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      There is a glitch to where I get back on my world and I have a wall map or a map in an item frame really it looks like a large item frame instead of a map please fix this, thanks in advance. P.S. I am playing on a efun next book ares 8 android 5.0 lolipop tablet

      gatharian added:
      Steps to reproduce
      -Be sure to open your game fresh. (I'm using a creative map.)
      -Place Item Frame on the wall.
      -Place map inside the Item Frame.
      -Exit out of your world and change gamemode.
      -When you come back you will see that the map on the wall is a large Item Frame.

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