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Pillagers going Missing, Cant find anywhere after ages of searching


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      So, I've noticed a recurring pattern in my last 4-5 raids;

      I usually can find all the pillagers in the same area in the first wave

      then in the second wave


      and now, I've searched all the caves at least 6 times before restarting my game, I can hear the pillager noises, but no pillagers. I've attempted searching underground caves, but I don't really want to use TNT and explode builds I've worked hours on, to find a group of pillagers that don't exist. What I'm getting at is; I hear the pillagers, but they're nowhere to be seen.

      I tried the bell, but as people have told me on other platforms, the bell-technique doesn't work on bedrock, meaning if you get a bedrock raid, and your pillagers go missing, you're either going to waste an hour only to never find your pillagers, or rage quit. 

      I saw someone on another forum (Reddit, I believe) saying they were on bedrock, and the same thing happened to them, they found all their pillagers in a cave at Y-34, they were at Y-85 originally. 

      Another person said they were also on bedrock; they'd blown up mountains, searched every cave, and still not found a single pillager.


      I feel like to fix this, the area of which a pillager can spawn in could be lowered, as to prevent them from spawning so far away that the player physically can't find them, or, a simple fix really; add the bell feature to bedrock. We constantly get bug-fixes, but (in my opinion), I feel like some of them aren't as important? We'll have some simple minor bug fixed, that almost nobody noticed, and yet stuff (such as disappearing pillagers) will never get fixed?

      I understand there are features like the bell that are limited to java, I understand you need the money, but not everyone has the money for java. It's understandable (and not too game-changing) if you limit banners on shields to Java, it's understandable if bedrock updates happen later than java, but for some people, it could take hours to get the chance to start a raid, and when the pillagers bug out to such a degree, I feel like it's no longer completely understandable to keep a feature (Like the bell, which for those of you who didn't know, on java you could ring, and the pillagers would glow through walls, however this doesn't work at all on bedrock) from bedrock players.



      (Sorry if that seemed a bit rant-y at the end, my point is just; The pillagers are nowhere to be seen in bedrock raids, some people have said they cant find them at all, even after exploding mountains, and one 'simple' fix could be to implement the bell feature, so bedrock players can actual experience a proper raid, rather than spend the whole raid searching for pillagers.)


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