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      • So. In my survival world I built a portal room. Portal worked fine, other than having to move the portal inside nether to the correct spot so that they would link to my house portal and not spawn me in random places (initially used a ruined portal). It was never an issue before but when I went into my nether as usual, it spawned me in a completely different part of the nether near a bastion, and the coordinates of my portal were the exact same as my coordinates of my house in the over world. Weird. So I went back through the portal and IT SPAWNED ME 35000 BLOCKS AWAY. My house coordinates were like 4257, 68, -426 and it spawned me at like 33683, 64, -3347. I have enchanted stuff And a high level XP I don't want to lose, so death and respawning in my home bed isn't an option. What happened, and why do I now have to trek all the way home, and how do I prevent this from happening again? 

            Txchloebear Chloe Miller
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