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Nether portal and end portal sending me to different locations since last update (1.16.220)


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      After the most recent update I went through my nether portal which i have used plenty of times only to be transported to the same co-ordinates as the overworld which was a couple thousand blocks away from my portal. I managed to make it back and re linked my portal by breaking one block and re assembling it. This worked to begin with but now it is constantly sending me to the same co-ordinates as the overworld through each portal. 
      I also had an issue when i went through my end portal where it transported me above the void and killed me. It now transports me to a obsidian block away from my original portal spawn location. 
      This has made my world pretty much unplayable now as i risk dying in the end every time i use a portal or having to spend over an hour real time getting back in the nether.




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