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Major Issues with the new "Dying Signs" ability introduced to bedrock.



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      Issue with the new "Dyed Signs" in bedrock edition:

      A small update for Minecraft Bedrock edition has brought the already Java edition feature of  dying signs with dyes to change their colors. This implementation is useless in Bedrock, as players have been already able to use colors using the § symbol followed by various numbers or letters to produce vivid & excellent colors on signs, allowing players to type as many different colors on one sign as they like.

      This update has wreaked this capability, as signs no longer shine well with colors like they previously did, as seen in the visual below. Previously colors showed on signs with the same excellent colors as typing them in chat, but this update has dulled every single color to make them incredibly weak.

      On top of this, dying the signs also produces these very dull colors, rendering both dying signs & using the normal color system useless.

      The bottom left is a normal non-dyed sign, next to it is a lime green dyed sign on the bottom right. As you can see, they are very dull. On the top right is the biggest issue, despite having the ability to use multiple colors using the already existing system with the § symbol, they have been greatly dulled to the point of uselessness.

      The second photo is how signs were just recently before this update, clearly showing a dominantly better system of colors.

      Overall, the dye colors need to be greatly improved to be like they were just before this update or something close to make this new feature useful. otherwise, this feature should be scrapped & left to be a feature only for java edition.


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