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Farmers harvesting with full inventories - crops lost


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      I've noticed that farmers will go on harvesting crops, even when their inventories (all 8 slots) are full. the crops harvested do not appear and are therefore lost. I had expected farmers to stop harvesting when they cannot carry anymore.

      To reproduce: Create farmland, plant potatoes, and spawn a villager with a bed and composter. give the villager (who turns into a farmer) 8 full stacks of potatoes.

      Expected result: Villager will farm crops only when villager has space in inventory.

      Observed result: Villager keeps on performing the crop harvest motions, even though villager cannot possibly carry the harvested crops. No crops appear beside villager either, assumed they are lost.

      Picture attached of one villager given 8 stacks of potatoes and let out in a potato field.

            johanvepa Johan Vestergaard Paulsen
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