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      For context, in my survival world on PS4 my house is very far away from any jungle biome, and because I need bamboo to make scaffolding for a build I'm planning I decided it would be easiest to make a path through the nether to save time, I mapped it out and and to get to the jungle I needed to travel to coordinates x133 and z500 (in the nether) and it would send me to the cords somewhere around x1000 by z4000 (in the overworld) everything worked out fine I ended up in the jungle biome. But my portal was in a cave so I broke it and set it up above ground (I went back through it to make sure it connected to the right portal, and it did) I went collected my bamboo and then saved and got off for the day. Next day I came back gathered my things and went through the portal. The problem was that when I spawn in the nether I was at coordinates x1000 by z4000 when I should be at x133 by z500 and there was no portal the spawned with me so I was stranded, I ended up dying and respawning at my home. After that I didn't want to risk it by going back into my jungle portal. So I gave up on that plan. Now the same problem happened again but the other way around(context : my house and nether portal are at x-1500 z45 and the corresponding portal is in the nether at x-175 z4) I went through my house portal to get some nether warts and when I came back to the overworld I spawned in at x-175 z 4 and still I spawned in the overworld without a portal.
      I am now sitting 1000 blocks away from my home which isn't a problem in itself but I would rather not have this happen every time I try and use a nether portal
      How would I go about fixing this?

      Well typing this it happened yet again and I lost all my mending diamond armourĀ 




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