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Glow Lichens hit box connects to other Glow Lichen to create a full block hit box


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      When Glow Lichen is placed in this beta it connects to other Glow Lichens hit box to create a full block hit box.
      Steps To Reproduce
      Step 1: Create the formation in my screenshot with any block or make blocks adjacent to each other.
      Step 2: Place glow lichen on the blocks they will make a full block hit box.
      Step 3: Look at the Glow Lichen with your crosshair or hit box and you see its a full connected single block and then destroy the connected Glow Lichen.

      Observed Results :
      When glow lichen is placed they connect to near Glow Lichen with 1 block distance if its adjacent or below and above another placed Glow Lichen then if you aim your crosshair at the Glow Lichen its hit box is a full block.

      Expected Results :
      Glow Lichens hit box should not connect to nearby Glow Lichen as a full block like Java.

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