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Nether Portal Takes Player To Home Coordinates In Nether Instead Of The Portal



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      So my home is near coordinates 4900, -180 or so in the over world. I've been in and out of the nether multiple times with no issue, and I have a little base started in it as well. However, this time, my brother teased me and told me after killing a zombie pig man that walked through my portal that there would be more waiting for me on the other side so I walked in to show him how I don't care. Then instead of going near 0,0 in the nether where my portal is, it took me to my home coordinates in the nether at 4900, -180, nowhere near my portal whatsoever. I had my brother enchant an i breaking diamond pickaxe and after an hour or two of mining, running, and fighting, he reached me, we built a new portal, and we are back in the over world. As most of you should know, though, is that I, along with my brother, are now 38 thousand blocks away from my home, which is a pretty big walk. I hope this can get fixed! (Edit: I submitted this in the wrong area, I did it in the Bedrock Dedicated Servers and I think it should be here instead, so I am reposting it and will delete my old one.)




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