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I Went Into a Nether Portal Fine And Came Out Dead.


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      I was in the nether with full health and full Netherite armor enchanted with Protection 4. When I went into the nether portal to return home, it took a little longer than usual to load and I returned to the overworld with the "You Died" screen in front of me. I could hear the sound me getting hurt, but couldn't do anything. It sounded like suffocating, but it was only 4 ticks of damage. I returned to the portal in which I died and found no mobs, creeper holes, or any of my loot around it. I also went to the nether to look around for my loot and couldn't find it. Please help, I lost all of my netherite gear and elytra. I know it seems petty.

            NicoFries Luke Caver
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