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behavior.move_to_water only finds water that is 2+ blocks deep



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      The behavior component, "minecraft:behavior.move_to_water" very rarely targets 1-block deep water. This has 3 negative gameplay impacts:

      • Baby turtles, dolphins, and axolotls freeze if they are on land too far from an river or ocean, and do not try to enter 1-block deep lakes, swamps, or artificial pools. See Frozen baby turtles.mp4 (This relates to MCPE-114206 because the baby turtles probably also continue checking for ocean ocean water ever tick, or trying to path to ocean water through obstructions.)
      • Baby turtles hatched in an enclosure that happens to be near an ocean constantly try to escape, even if other water is available inside the enclosure. For example, I built the enclosure shown below on a flat beach that sits between a swamp and an ocean. The pool inside was intended to give the baby turtles somewhere to go, but instead they constantly try to escape through the doors.
      • It is not viable to give other mobs a behavior of moving toward water with a behavior pack. For example, following up on MCPE-122035 I made a behavior pack to make fishermen path to water during their work day similarly to how librarians inspect bookshelves and farmers harvest crops. If the nearest water is 1 block deep they never path to it.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. In a flat world, make a sand floor and place sea turtle eggs on it.
      2. Make a water pool near the turtle eggs.
      3. Wait for the turtle eggs to hatch. (Increase randomtickspeed to speed this up.)

      Expected result

      The baby turtles move into the water.

      Actual result

      The baby turtles do not move.


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