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Loss of Items After Going Into a Nether Portal (Realms)


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    • 1.16.210
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      I was playing on a realm I have with my siblings, when I all of the sudden started hearing the taking damage noise after I had entered the nether portal. This portal is above lava, but I had already fixed the issue of being set on fire after entering the nether through that portal. I then force quit out of the game, to avoid death and the loss of my fully enchanted netherite gear. When I reloaded the game, at the top of my screen, it said "resource packs failed to load" (we weren't using any packs on this realm). When I logged back into the realm, all of my items were gone, and I was sent back to my spawn point at my base, with absolutely nothing. I went back to our nether portal, and there was no items to be found. If I could receive some help with this issue, it would be greatly appreciated.

            Tigers_76 Ashton Eugenio
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