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Homebase Reverted Back to Original Layout



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      While playing Bedrock Edition of Minecraft after the v1.16.210 update as normal, I went back to my homebase village (946, 77, 1424) from a main secondary dessert village (1022, 70, 810) to pick up supplies from my fortress home. Upon arrival, the entire area where the castle wall, my fortress home (minus half of the west wall), my farmland with crops, livestock and water well, and the villagers' housing extensions had all disappeared and reverted back to the original state when I first discovered the area. It appears that everything at the 1008 x-axis and beyond reverted back to the original state including. Even underground with all the dugged out mineshafts down to the diamond level has been blocked off and reverted back to the original state.

      I played the same game the night before without any issues and noticed this for the first time since logging on today after about an hour and a half of play. There were no noticeable bugs, no mod attachments added to the game, and no error messages.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      Step 1: Log back into game and approach x-axis 1008.

      Observed Results:
      All game environment past x-axis 1008 has reverted back to the original state of gameplay.

      Expected Results:
      All game environment past x-axis 1008 should be up to date with all player generated buildings and items as this is a single-player game.

      UPDATE: Upon further review, it appeared the entire chunk from my original home base location southward had reset.  There was even a village way out south at 982, 74, 2773 that had it's defensive dirt wall "disappeared" and the area reset back to its original state.



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