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Shulker bullets still give you the effect (and follow you) if you go into creative mode


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      The bug

      When you go into creative mode after a shulker as shot at you, the shulker bullet will still follow you and give you the effect despite being in creative mode. Relates to MC-94389, on Java Edition it will only follow you without giving the effect.

      How to reproduce:

      1. Place a command block with the command
        gamemode 1 @p
      2. Place a button or pressure plate next to it
      3. Spawn a shulker
      4. Go into survival mode
      5. When the shulker shoots at you press the button or activate the pressure plate

      Observed result: The shulker bullet followed you and gave you levitation despite being in creative mode.

      Expected result: The shulker bullet should not follow you in creative mode and should not give you the effect.

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