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portal keeping same X and Z coordinates between worlds


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      Travel from the overworld to the nether using the portal results in being located at the same X and Z coordinates in both worlds (ie both worlds are roughly at 2,802, -563) instead of the usual 350, -70 in the nether. The first time arriving in the nether results in no portal to return to. For months before, the travel between worlds was never an issue. Attempting to enter the portal a second time has created a portal at the same coordinates in the nether. Leaving that nether portal leads to the overworld coordinates at 22,416, -4,504, with a portal. Less than 10 steps were taken from the original overworld location at 2,802, -563, but we end up at 22,416, -4504 in the overworld within two passings between the portal.

      Multiple portals were tested. yielding a similar glitch. The glitch does not occur every time we pass through the portal.

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