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Minecart With Tnt + Flame bow, Etc



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      Steps to reproduce

      1. Summon/place a tnt minecart.
      2. Give yourself a flame-enchanted bow and some arrows.
      3. Shoot the tnt minecart.

      Expected result

      The tnt minecart ignites.

      Observed result

      The tnt minecart disappears (does not even drop tnt and a minecart).

      Hello there!

      so lately i am trying to make a tnt trap and i find out that minecart tnt can explode instantly. i have tried many ways to make a minecart tnt explode instantly.

      there is currently only two possible way

      1. by derailing the minecart and make it fall more than 3 blocks
      2. by shooting it with flame arrow

      But when i try the second way i find out you cant explode a tnt minecart with flame arrow that doesnt shot by a dispenser. (creative mode)

      and when i search other way to make tnt minecart explode instantly on youtube they just only show me the java edition way and thats it by stacking a tnt and touching it or shot it with fire charge

      (when i try to use firecharge on bedrock the minecart entity just die and dropped a tnt and  minecart, and the stacking is not working too)

      and some wiki tells me that a minecart can explode when they are too fast on curved rail and there is a block on the front of the rail, tried it and it doesnt work.

      the wiki also say that a minecart will instantly explode if you press it into block when it has velocity, it doesnt work too


      The lack of information is forcing me to ask mojang team about it. is all the feature mentioned above is exclusive for java / its just a bug / or the wiki is just outdated?

      and i dont think this problem need screenshot because it is easy to recreate


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