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Working Nether portals now spitting us out thousands of blocks away after recent update.



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      Two previously working portals have now spit players out in the nether thousands of blocks away from our bases.  I went through a portal that just Tuesday put me right where it was supposed to; walk into the same portal the next day, and I got spit out in the middle of the nether nowhere close to where I should have been. And to make matters worse the portal disappeared.  There was no evidence a portal had even been there.  Although my friend saw the portal clear as day.  Logged out and back in, portal reappeared.  I go through and rather than going to the trading post, I got spit out 15k blocks away. Logging out or going back through the portal didn’t work. 

      Another friend went through a completely different portal, in another chunk, and was spit out hundreds of blocks away.  

      And yet another player, continually gets kicked from our realm when he enters portals.  

      any help y’all can provide would be much appreciated.  Thank you! 

      all of this has been after the most recent update/bug fix from I think it was the 8th or 9th. 

      All of the players in our realm play on mixed platforms, mostly windows, some android, some Xbox.  

      thanks again! 




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