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Minimizing Minecraft disables anti-aliasing on RenderDragon platforms


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      When minimizing the Minecraft window on Windows 10, anti-aliasing will be disabled temporarily upon bringing the window back up. Adjusting the anti-aliasing slider in settings will re-enable it.

      Steps to reproduce:
      -Enable anti-aliasing in video settings (preferrably x16 for a more noticeable difference)
      -Minimize the Minecraft window (minus symbol on the top right corner)
      -Bring the Minecraft window back up.

      Expected results:
      Anti-aliasing remains active, providing a more visually pleasing experience.

      Actual results:
      Anti-aliasing disables, leaving edges looking rough.

      Refer to the attached images for a visual representation. There is no difference between anti-aliasing set to x1 and anti-aliasing set to x16 after minimizing the game window.

        1. AAx1 full.png
          AAx1 full.png
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        2. AAx16 not minimized full.png
          AAx16 not minimized full.png
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        3. AAx16 minimized full.png
          AAx16 minimized full.png
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        4. AAx16 minimized.png
          AAx16 minimized.png
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        5. AAx1.png
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