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Nether portals randomly teleport player to overworld coordinates in the nether


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      I play on Bedrock realms. After the update yesterday we had 2 players teleported to the Overworld coordinates instead of the nether coordinates when entering a portal from the overworld to go to the nether.

      I've since asked players not to use the nether portals to travel from the overworld to the Nether until the issue is fixed.

      Yesterday we had a 3 hour ordeal digging through the nether when one of our players ended up at 5700, y, -1500 in the nether with only 5 beef and a sink touch pickaxe and not enough fireworks to travel the 50,000 blocks or so back to home at 0,0. 

      She managed to dig at y=15 to avoid the lava lakes for 1200 blocks before we finally got to her with food after digging a safe tunnel back 

      I've included the video of us finally reuniting with her after the 1.15.210- update debacle


      Another player went through a portal for the first time from the overworld and thankfully entered it not too far from 0,0 so the trip back wasn't as painful

      I'm sorry i have so little data on this.. What we do have is this:

      • We have an established realm which has been going for about 6 months. 
      • it has FoxyNotails mog heads, armor stands, mini blocks, one player sleep mods as well as an invisible item frame and connected glass mod.
      • other players were online at the time
      • RavenMoon logged on and entered the overworld portal by standing in it just like she normally does. The portal she entered was a 3x3 portal in the overworld linking to a 2x3 portal in the nether.
      • She then appeared in the Nether.
      • When she appeared there was no nether portal generated in the Nether. She was standing at the overworld coordinates in the Nether.
      • She logged out and then logged back in. When she logged back in she was standing in the same place in the Nether but there was now a portal generated next to her.
      • She travelled back through the portal and ended up at the Nether coordinates x8. at a generated portal. 50,000 or so blocks from spawn.
      • She travelled back through the overworld portal and ended up back in the Nether where she just was (thankfully the error didnt happen a second time)
      • he realised that she had no ender chest on her, only 5 beef and a silk touch pickaxe.
      • I joined the realm, entered the nether successfully without the error repeating and dug out to her at x=5600 while she was digging to z=0. we met at x=5600, z=-300 

      A new player also joined our realm playing on XBOX. He was being shown around by the owner of the realm and followed the owner of the realm through a portal. The owner arrived successfully at the correct Nether location but this new player went to the Overworld coordinates in the nether. 

      Thanks, Nekrophim.

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