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Redstone Torches hold a steady signal instead of creating a burnout clock


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      A redstone torch burnout clock seems to not work quite well: the torches themselves pulse, but the connecting redstone wire does not

      To reproduce: Place two solid blocks next to each other on the ground. Place four torches, on opposite sides of the blocks. Put one solid block on top of each torch, and run a redstone line atop the two original blocks.

      What I expected: Random and sporadic pulsing of the torches and a one tick pulsing of the redstone line above the torches

      What happened: The redstone line stayed solidly powered through the cycles of the clock, causing this to not qualify as a one tick clock.

      Description of the screenshots: In RedSideOn, the torches of the red side are both on, and in Bluesideon, the blue side torches are on, and in both the redstone lamp is powered. These two screenshots represent the only two states that the clock goes through in a cycle, where in neither state is the upper redstone (represented by the lamp) un-powered.

      Add a comment with any issues regarding this. The closest I could find to this was MCPE-11547, but I feel that the other report is not quite about this.

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