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The game is faulty and somehow crashed deleting a whole chunk off my world once I was able to get on.



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      So as of today I was simply playing minecraft bedrock edition as usual, however when I went to enter the nether literally a second before the portal teleported me into the nether the game just crashed, so I tried to boot it up and go back on my survival world (which is around 600mb now) and not only did it crash again, IT TURNED OFF MY XBOX, so I turned my Xbox back on and tried it again, same thing happened, however the next time I tried to boot up the world it worked, above the ocean floor however since my base was underwater but at least I'm on again, but the issues weren't fully solved, see atm I've been building a lighthouse for this survival island my friends and I have been playing on and I'm literally minutes away from completing it, and when I go back to finish it up, I notice a whole entire CHUNK has de spawned, luckily only clipping the boathouse part of the build in half, but if it was one chunk to the left my whole entire build would've been destroyed.



      so my main question is how did this type of bug pass testing? Why was it allowed to glitch my world and most likely other worlds as well and why has a full chunk despawned, it doesn't make any sneaker to me, the fact that it despawned the bedrock aswell, something is seriously wrong with this game and it needs to be fixed and I would also prefer that chunk be respawned if that's even possible, please keep in touch as this issue needs to be addressed ASAP.


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