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Minecraft for Nintendo Switch makes me login to Microsoft account every 1-5 days.


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      Based on what I've found below Mega_Spud (Jay Wells) mentioned this to be a service issue.  If that's the case why am I to this day still being disconnected?  Is the service truly that unreliable?  Has no one come up with a fix for this issue especially now that Microsoft owns Mojang?  What's the deal here?  


      I would appreciate a resolution to this issue and please don't mark this as resolved by commenting "Issues such as these are often due to a temporary service outage" if that's the case it'll truly be resolved when the service is fixed and reliable not when you post a comment stating you've got an unreliable service that can't keep me signed in.


      If this is due to Microsoft and Nintendo not being on the same page then communicate with one another and help each other out to fix the root cause.  Go through the 5 Whys to identify the root cause.  If you need any guidance here's a website that explains how to identify the root cause. https://www.isixsigma.com/tools-templates/cause-effect/determine-root-cause-5-whys/


      I think as a community a lot of us would like to see this issue resolved and not backburned or bandaged.  Thank you for your help and look forward to your response.


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