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      • this a is a tip for the Affected versions that i was forced to impliment, no idea what either of those are or mean, i had picked hotfix, due to the only other option being beta and i dont play beta versions of the game.


      This bug is on PC as well, NOT just PSVR as it was reported before, in another thread, this issue has been a thing since a DECEMBER update, and has still yet to be resolved EVEN after the PSVR section has been stated to be fixed. I'm sure its an issue in ALL VR applications of at least bedrock. The game is completely un playable in this state and I haven't played it since it was broken, and checked today to find it is still broken almost 3 months later. I play on a WMR headset the Odyssey, and i have someone that plays on the Quest 2 who also has the same issue so it's not my headset, nor my settings. It also seems to me there are a lot of changes to the vr controls overall as well for my headset that are just painstakingly bad. AGAIN this is NOT just a PSVR issue, i seen another thread that said it was a bug and it was just moved to being a Duplicate in which it wasn't because this is an issue on multiple platforms


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