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Have to remoteconnect a million times and it MIGHT allow me to login to my Microsoft account



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      Trying this again..........thanks for making this process incredibly frustrating to an already frustrating experience. I have no idea what version I have. Whatever the most up to date version is for Nintendo Switch. I'm getting really frustrated with this game on the Switch. I know this has been an issue for a couple years as I've read up on it. But seriously, is there no way to fix this remoteconnect issue? First it tells me it can't connect to my account due to an internal issue or whatever and then I try to sign in and it takes me to the remoteconnect site to login with a stupid code for my Microsoft account. Then it tells me it's all good and it's connected, and then I press sign in......and it takes me back to the stupid remoteconnect website with a new code. I have to do this about 10-15 times. Last night it wouldn't even connect after that, so I told my kid he couldn't play it on his switch. It's the only device we have trouble with. Yes I have spoken directly to both Nintendo and Microsoft and they say the issue is with Mojang. 

      I've had to do this for almost a year now. 




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