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The void gap past bedrock is beyond normal length



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 0.13.0 Beta 5
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      Tablet - Android - Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook


      This bug affects the players movement visually and can create confusion for some on how to get out of the void that is now beyond normal length.

      This is a written scenario based on the "Scenario picture" I attached where the player, fell into the void in creative, left the game, came back, and forgot where they left off.

      This report explains what was expected to be seen vs what the player actually saw.

      1.) The player notices the sun or moon and stars at night in the sky. So they must clearly be in the over world, but where? Key point: Bedrock should be seen above the player so that the player knows the world is above them and doesn't just assume something happened to their world. (Expectation: See photo from 0.11.)

      2.) The player attempts to move around. However, the players movement isn't seen. Key point: The player should see that they are going up or down, but doesn't. Unless the player made a point to actually fly upwards "for a while" they will never see bedrock coming closer and actually realize where they are.

      Not being able to move visually can create confusion for players that happen to fall into the void when they have dug past bedrock.

      Things to consider:
      1.) Does the player know where they are? (From: scenario) Players should be able to see the bedrock above them.
      2.) Does the player see themselves moving up or down and can they get out of the void easily? If the player was near bedrock, when flying up they know they are progressing in an upward motion towards the top. If nothing is seen it can take a while to get to the top, that is; if the player knows they are moving up.




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