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Leaf blocks surrounded by full blocks lose transparency when a lightning rod is placed on top


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      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Place a leaf block
      2. Surround all four sides with full blocks
      3. Place a lightning rod on top of the leaf block

      Observed Results:
      The texture of the leaf block becomes opaque.

      Expected Results:
      The texture of the leaf block should remain transparent.

      Original Description:
      I had previously reported this error and they replied that they had not been able to replicate it, I think this was because I do not speak English and now I will use a translator

      My device is cell phone a MotoG8 Power, the error manifests when placing lightning rod on a leaves block of any kind, the leaves block must have a solid block down for this error to appears

      When you place the lightning rod over the leave block, the texture of the block will crash and in survival you won't be able to use that one for lightning rod again

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